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Best Original Bus Body Models in India and the Designers Behind Them

The Indian bus body building industry has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Rapid progress in technology has led to a drastic change in the way Indian bus bodies are engineered today.

But while the industry is excelling in the engineering front, it still lacks design competence.

Let’s face it, the bus industry in India has miles to go when it comes to original bus designs.

While India is home to probably the biggest bus body industry in the entire world, the sad truth is that — only a few of them actually invests in research and development of original bus designs.

What’s more frustrating is the fact that once these models are out, they are downright copied by scores of bus body builders across India.

In this article, we take a look at the most popular “Original Bus Body Designs” in India and the brains behind them all.

Meraki by Sahara Coach, Karnataka

Meraki By Sahara Coach

Launch year:
Designer: In-house Design Department 

Meraki by Sahara Coach was the probably the most talked-about bus body model of 2019. Available in both Sleeper and Seater Variants, Meraki by Sahara Coach continues to be one of the most sought after bus body models in India chiefly due to its high aesthetic appeal.
“Back in 2019, the designers at Sahara Coach saw a vision, a vision where state-of-the-art designs meet comfort. The design team did a fabulous job at executing this vision and bringing it to life. Meraki is among the many designs that Sahara Coach can proudly gloat over,” says a company spokesperson.

G-Dolphino & G-Python by Guru Ram Das Bus Bodybuilders

G-Dolphino Bus Model by Guru Ram Das Bus Bodybuilders


Launch Year:
 2018 (G-Dolphino)
Designer: In-house Design Department Headed by Ashok Kalsi

G-Dolphino, launched in 2018, has managed to stay relevant even today because of its unconventionally muscular design. The front show of G-Dolphino is like nothing you have ever seen in the Indian bus market before.

 As the name suggests, this design is inspired by the agility and versatile nature of a dolphin and perfectly captures the company’s penchant towards bus body designs that stand out in terms of originality and looks.

G-Python by Guru Ram Dass Bus Body Builders


Launch Year:
Designer: In-house Design Department Headed by Mayank Kukreja, CEO, GRD

G-Python is Guru Ram Dass Bus Body Builders’ latest creation. While the design is yet to be launched formally, the company has released a teaser of the front fascia. 

The design, as the name suggests, is inspired by the flexibility and the mobility of a python and the design is supervised by Mayank Kukreja, CEO, Guru Ram Das Bus Bodybuilders.

Vega & Capella by S.M. Kannappa Automobiles (P) Ltd.

Vega & Capella by S.M. Kannappa Automobiles (P) Ltd.
Capella (Left) Vega (R)

Launch Year: 2017 (Vega and Capella) Designer: Prathap N

Can there be a list of bus body designed without S.M. Kannappa Automobiles (P) Ltd. (S.M.K.) or Prakash on it? No right?

Being the biggest name in the bus body industry in India, S.M. Kannappa Automobiles (P) Ltd. (S.M.K.) leads the race when it comes to original bus body designs. The company has actively been investing on its R&D and Designing capabilities and over the years have shelled out numerous original bus models including P 800, BV Maxima, Zedone, etc.

 Making to this list are two models of Prakash — Capella and Vega.

Prakash Capella Sleeper Bus

Prakash Capella

According to Vaibhav Narang, Director, S. M. Kannappa Automobiles, both Capella and Vega are a result of the company’s consistent efforts to modernize the traditional definition of a bus in India.

“The aesthetics in both buses are a notch above everything that has been done till date. Both Capella and Vega feature ultra-modern interiors to make it look like aircraft cabins. We have extensively used imported composite material for both interiors and panels, which is lighter than steel or aluminium. This ensures a weight reduction by at least 150 kgs and helps these buses give good mileage,” says Vaibhav Narang.

P.S: Prakash's Celeste wasn't included in the list because of its similarities to Truckquip TQ Alpha X12 and Z Series.

Urban SLA by Aravalli Coach Builders 

Aravali Motor Body Builders
Urban SLA

Launch Year: 2018

Designer: In-house Design Department Headed by Om Sharma & Yash Sharma

Urban SLA is like the muscle car of Indian buses — a stark contrast to the jazzy aesthetics that you generally get to see on Indian buses.

The bus model is inspired by Minimalism, a design philosophy that has become extremely popular over the years. Aravali Motor Body Builders’ Urban SLA features simple yet muscular exteriors and clean, spacious, & light-filled interiors that exude calmness and warmth.

Tourista & Shine HD by Gobind Coach BuilderShine HD Gobind Coach Builders Barnala Bhadaur Punjab                                                                  Shine HD

Launch Year: 2019 (Tourista)

Designer: Gurdeep Singh

Gobind Coach Builders has banked on technology and constant innovation to keep pace with the changing times as well as dynamics of the bus industry in India. This is well reflected in all the bus models that the company has designed over the years. 

Gobind Coach Builders Barnala Bhadaur Punjab

Both Tourista & Shine HD have been designed by Gurdeep Singh, who heads Gobind Coach Builders’ in-house design team. While Tourista features a bold and aggressive stance with the trimmed radiator grill and bumper cover, Shine HD exudes a more elegant look.

S1700 & Ultra Sleeper by Sutlej Motors

Sutlej Motors Luxury AC Sleeper Bus ModelUltra Sleeper

Launch Year: 2013 (Ultra Sleeper)

Designer: In-house product development team

Sutlej Motors has single handedly revolutionized the Indian bus industry. In the last 55 years of it's existence, the company has offered many original models to the bus industry in India. 

Sutlej Motors Luxury AC Sleeper Bus Model

Launch Year: 2019 (S1700)

Designer: In-house product development team

Making it to this list are two models of Sutlej Motors S1700 and Ultra Sleeper.

Both the models feature muscular designs that command good road presence. Other highlights of theses models include ergonomic driver’s cabin, auto - pneumatic passenger doors, pneumatic side flaps, etc. 

Glider, Starz & Dreamz by MG Bus & Coach

MG StarZ Bus
Launch Year: 2019 (StarZ)  

Designer: In-house product development team

Featuring contemporary styling as per global standards the StarZ Sleeper Coach by MG Bus & Coach is based on the Volvo 9400 multi-axle B11R. Complementing the modern design is plush interiors that feature warm ambiance with pleasant and soothing LED lighting and spacious sleeper berths that reflects the MG Group's design prowess when it comes to bus coach building.

While many would argue that MG Bus & Coach launched the Glider, GliderZ and DreamZ during together in Bus World 2018, the truth is different.

The Glider & GliderZ models were first launched in association with Autobahn Trucking Corporation, part of the Nippon Group of Kerala, and the largest and most successful dealer of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles.



Launch Year: 2018 (Glider, GliderZ)

Designer: In-house product development team

The Glider was based on the Bharat Benz 1623 chassis and featured a drastic depart from conventional bus design. The name ‘Glider’ is derived from the unique Mercedes-Benz Glide suspension known for its best-in-class ride comfort.

The 12 m Glider, and its Sleeper variant GliderZ features a plush saloon area, ergonomic seating with sufficient space for leg room, opulent interiors, bigger windows for better view and technologically-advanced engineering for comfort during long journeys.

MG DreamZ Bus


Launch Year: 2018 (DreamZ)

Designer: In-house product development team

It's actually the DreamZ sleeper model that was launch in Bus World 2018. MG Bus & Coach's DreamZ is based on the Mercedes Benz 14.9 meter multi-axle SHD chassis. The model accommodates 40 sleeper berths in 2x1 layout.

Honorable mention from the house of MG Bus & Coach - Leera.

What do you think of our list?

Do you think we missed any original bus models? 

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