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Tata Motors Group global sales release - Q2 FY21 - Global Wholesale of Passenger Vehicles Lower by 9%

Global wholesales of all passenger vehicles in Q2 FY21 were at 1,46,259 nos., lower by 9% as compared to Q2 FY20.  

Global wholesales of all Tata Motors’ commercial vehicles and Tata Daewoo range in Q2 FY21 were at 56,614 nos., lower by 29%, over Q2 FY20.

The Tata Motors Group global wholesales in Q2 FY21, including Jaguar Land Rover, were at 2,02,873 nos., lower by 16%, as compared to Q2 FY20.

Global wholesales for Jaguar Land Rover were 91,367 vehicles (**JLR number for Q2 FY21 includes CJLR volumes of 17,916 units). Jaguar wholesales for the quarter were 18,189 vehicles, while Land Rover wholesales for the quarter were 73,178 vehicles. 

**CJLR – It is a JV between JLR and Chery Automobiles and is an unconsolidated subsidiary for JLR 

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