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The Government of Punjab has finally decided to waive off the annual tax paid by industries for their staff buses. . .

In a welcome move that is expected to immensely boost industrialists, the Government of Punjab has waived off the annual tax payable on factory staff buses. Punjab is an industrial hub of the country and industries had to pay as much as INR 1 Lakh as annual tax for their staff buses, which proved to be a major budgetary weight every year. 

Industrial and business associations across Ludhiana had earlier raised this concern and requested a tax waiver. 

Finally, on 30
 September, Kakumanu Siva Prasad, Principal Secretary, Transport, Punjab Government, confirmed the Government of Punjab’s decision of waiving off tax for staff buses.

Upkar Singh Ahuja, President of Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU) was quoted telling ET, "It's a major alleviation for the industrialists and we are appreciative to the Punjab government for making this stride. The pace of street charge in Punjab was least Rs. one lakh for every year for the transports for assembly line laborers.”

“It will be a big saving for us as there are a lot of factories which have 10 buses for their workers and this tax meant additional burden of Rs. 10 lakh per year on such units. CICU has been raising this issue on different platforms and we are glad that our request has been accepted,” he adds. 

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