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Is it possible? Can an an European country have buses with Tamil signboards?

The picture you see above is authentic -- it has not been photo shopped. But the answer to the question is NO, all buses in Germany do not have signboards in Tamil. But some do! Like the one in the picture above.
The green Man bus in the picture above is taken in the city of Hamm, North Rhine Westphalia, which is home to the biggest Hindu temples in the whole of Europe -- the Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple.

Established in opened in 2002, it claims to be the second largest Hindu temple in Europe and the the biggest Hindu temple of Dravidian architecture.

During the annual Makorcavam Annual Festival, which is also the time when the Chariot Festival takes place, a the temple is visited by a huge number of devotees from all over Europe. A majority of them are Tamil Hindus mainly of Srilankan and Indian origin.
As the temple is located far from the central train and bus stations, the local German government arranges special buses for devotees so that they can easily travel to the temple. ONLY in these buses, are the signs written in Tamil. 
All images  from Wiki Commons

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