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The North Eastern part of India has always been leading the way when it comes to progressive ideas. The latest being an one off initiative of setting up a classroom in an abandoned bus. 

In rural India, schools are often marred by the lack of proper infrastructure. To overcome this, the Lohit district administration in Arunachal Pradesh has set up a classroom in an old and abandoned bus, replete with tables, chairs and stationery, as part of its initiative to deal with space crunch in school buildings. 

The school on bus, the idea is fondly called. 

As per the officials, space crunch in schools compels juniors to sit with seniors in schools with teachers imparting lessons simultaneously. This results in dropouts

According to Indiatoday, "The 'school on bus' idea has been well-received by the students of a government-run primary school at Thowang village in the district, and they seem "more excited than ever" to attend classes, he said.

"The initiative has not just solved the problem of space crunch, albeit temporarily, but it also infused an element of fun and interactive learning," Lohit deputy commissioner Prince Dhawan said.

The district administration is looking to refurbish more such buses to promote fun learning and improve attendance rate in schools, he added.

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