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Guest Post by Santhapriyan, TNSTC Enthusiasts

Chennai's public transport carrier, The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) has yet again added a fleet of new buses. The new buses were built as per AIS-052 bus body code prescribed by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). 

Along with the new color, the new vehicles have several new features including automatic doors and lower foot boards that are well illuminated. Other features include 
  • Plastic moulded independent seats with good legroom
  • A bigger gangway for passengers when the vehicle is crowded
  • Mic enabled passenger announcement system
  • Broad multicolored LED route boards
  • Stick holding rinks
  • Reminder bells when the stops arrive for the differently-abled passengers
  • Parking sensors for drivers

The last lot of the fleet consisted of 275 buses, taking the total count to 500. The buses will ply throughout Chennai, mostly in the OMR Corridor. Of the 500 buses, 235 buses are allotted for MTC of which 79 services earmarked for express services, while the rest of the buses are operated as deluxe services

What comes as a good news is that he bus fare of the express service will be cheaper by 35 to 45 percent compared to deluxe service.

The MTC buses were painted red after the Transport Minister's visit to London for attending C40 Council. 

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