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Shree Damodar Coach Crafts New Volvo Sleeper

Shree Damodar Coach Crafts Pvt. Ltd. Goa

Shree Damodar Coach Crafts Pvt. Ltd.'s latest offering, the Volvo B11R Sleeper for Sharma Transports made ripples among bus fans across the country, who strongly believe that the quality and ergonomic design of the coach are bound to make a strong impression on passengers too.

The interior displays a woody finish in light beige with robust backrest and tastefully done bunks in a 2x1 arrangement. LED illuminated signage displaying berth number and operator name compliments the warm and and cozy interior.

The coach also features a slew of modern accessories including reading lights, mobile charger, magazine pouch, shoe rack, etc. 

Shree Damodar Coach Crafts Pvt. Ltd. Goa

Although Damodar Coach Craft has converted many Volvo Seater coaches into Sleeper before for numerous operators including Paulo Travels, Sea Bird Tourist Center Bangalore, etc., this is the first Volvo multi-axle that they have worked on. 

"This time, we worked on the Volvo Shell -- right from working on the roof, interiors, interior paneling to electrical work and paint. It was a very exciting project and I can proudly state that we are happy with the outcome," says Jayant Dixit, Director, Shree Damodar Coach Crafts Pvt. Ltd.

It has to be noted that in India, one has to get a Volvo Shell (the chassis along with the exterior body paneling) for making sleepers. 

"This is because, sleeper coaches require about 82 inches of interior height, much more than a seater coach. It has a comparatively lower deck which also results in a smaller luggage compartment," adds Jayant Dixit.

Shree Damodar Coach Crafts Pvt. Ltd. Goa

"It's just simply awesome," says Jaya Prasanth Kr Pyla, an avid bus fan and senior member of India's biggest bus fanning group Bus Fans of India. "Shree Damodar Coach Crafts have done a splendid job. It's visually appealing, comparatively cost effective and well, they are anyways the number one in India when it comes to quality and strength -- everybody knows that," he adds.

Shree Damodar Coach Crafts is widely known across the country as the pioneers of the Sleeper Coach concept in India. It has been documented that the company built the first Sleeper Coach in India in 1989 for a private operator. Allegedly, the owner of the fleet company saw a sleeper coach in one of his journeys abroad and wanted Shree Damodar Coach Crafts Pvt. Ltd., to make a similar one for him. 

Shree Damodar Coach Crafts Pvt. Ltd. Goa

While the fleet owner was overwhelmed with the final product, getting the coach registered proved to be an uphill task back then.

In 1989 there was no provision in the MV Act to register the sleeper coach. They faced extreme difficulty in getting the vehicle registered initially but eventually they did it and the coach went on to the roads," Giridhari Lal Sharma, Director, Shree Damodar Coach Crafts Pvt. Ltd., was quoted by Motor India Online.

But as history documents, it was an instant hit and soon Shree Damodar Coach Crafts Pvt. Ltd. was flooded with enquiries from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 

Today, sleeper coaches are one of the most preferred type of coaches when it comes to long distance travel. 

Shree Damodar Coach Crafts Pvt. Ltd., was also the first bus body builder in India that was awarded AIS: 119 by ARAI, Pune.

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