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Shree Dharamraj Motor Body Works Vadodara Gujarat

Gujarat boosts of one of the longest list of bus body builders list India -- the coach building industry in Gujarat is BIG. While Shree Sai Coach Builders, Surendra and Co. bus builders, and Kirti Coach Builders are some of the most known names, a few other bus manufacturers have been rising up the ranks in the last few years. 

Shree Dharamraj Motor Body Works is definitely one of them. 

Shree dharamraj motor body works vadodara gujarat coach builders india

The bus builder caught my attention with Bhumi Travels' White London design. After quite some time of surfing in Google and Facebook,  I finally landed on their Facebook Page, but there was very less information about its bus fabrication activities. The ONLY thing I found was a few pictures of the luxury bus coach bodies it has built.

It was quite upsetting!! I mean, its the same everywhere in the coach building industry in India. There is very less promotion that Indian bus body makers exercise. They work as individual units, silently crafting luxury buses in India.This has to change, the bus body building industry in India has to connect, expose itself and reach to the next level. 

N H No 8, Jambuva By Pass
Br Baba Radev Hotel
Opp Unity Petrolpump
Gujarat - 390014

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