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Maaruti Coach Builders Private Limited Shows What is Mofussil Bus!

Maaruti Coach Builders Private Limited Karur Tamil nadu

The bus body building industry in Karur, Tamil Nadu, is one of the biggest clusters of coach building in India. There are innumerable coach building companies in Karur, each with its signature model and designs. One of the most common word in the tamil Nadu bus circuit is - Mofussil Bus, a word that has baffled outsiders like me for decades. 

Mofussil buses are very famous in South India. Digging through the cobwebs of the internet, I finally found the meaning of Moffusil bus. The Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus or CMBT is a modern bus terminus located in Chennai, India and is touted to be the biggest bus station in India. All buses that originate from this terminal were originally called Mofussil Bus but with the passage of time, the word became synonymous to a certain design of buses that used to frequent the terminal at some point. 

The word stuck, so did the design. Mofussil buses are among the most talked about coach body designs among bus enthusiasts in South India. The above specimen is a perfect example of a two door Moffusil Bus Body built on an Ashok Leyland Lynx chassis by Maaruti Coach Builders, Karur, Tamil Nadu. 

Maaruti Coach Builders Private Limited
Govindampalayam, Andankoil West,
Coimbatore Road, Karur,
Tamil Nadu 639002

Phone: 098430 35361

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  1. Mofussil buses mean buses in which the roundrtrip distance is above 50Kms and less than 500Kms... Less than that is stage Carriage and more than that is intercity Bus